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Our Product

Our Product

Puracite is a top quality anthracite filter media. A unique natural product comprising of 90% carbon - washed, dried and precisely sized to individual customer specifications.

The finest available Welsh anthracite from a single seam which is then crushed and washed prior to the processing into Puracite. The high carbon anthracite is then dried and accurately sized to produce Puracite. Each bag is sampled and subjected to full laboratory analysis prior to shipment.

  • Used in the treatment of potable water, process water and effluent
  • A proven dual filter media with sand
  • A product for use in gravity and pressure filters

Puracite has a large surface area and angular shape providing the perfect flow path ensuring efficient water filtration.

Low bulk density means more value for money

Compared to other filter media of the same size, Puracite can:

Replacing existing filter Anthracite with Puracite can:

Puracite filter Anthracite is carefully selected for its:

Produced to the highest international standard

Produced to BS EN12909;1999 (Products used for treatment of water intended for human consumption anthracite). BS standard is the leading European standard.

Standard variances

Oversize 5.0%
Undersize 5.0%
Fines 0.5%
Effective size + or - 0.05mm (typical)


We ensure precise grading for all our products thanks to a rigid calibration process. This process involves routinely certificated grading tools from world leader 'Endecott'.

ISO Certificate

Other sizes

Other sizes are available to special order dependent upon quantity, please contact us.

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Stocks of standard sizes maintained for immediate despatch & delivery to any global destination (1 – 1,000+ tonnes).
(Available in 1.3 tonne Super Sacks / 1.0 tonne container Big Bags / 25kg or 25 Litre polythene bags, palletised, shrink wrapped and strapped).