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Water Treatment

Water Treatment

EGL PuraciteTM specializes in the production of anthracite filter media for drinking water, sewage treatment, industrial and petro-chemical applications. Optimisation solutions for filtration applications often lie in the filter media bed and improving its performance.

Increasingly stringent effluent water quality and backwash re-use guidelines are driving the specific need for the water treatment industry to optimise and upgrade filtration systems. EGL Puracite™ filter anthracite offers many advantages over traditional filter anthracite.

As compared to traditional filter anthracite of the same size, EGL Puracite™ can:

  • Lower required backwash rates by 35%
  • Decrease backwash volume
  • Decrease intermixing
  • Improve compatibility in a dual media design

The advantages of EGL Puracite™ can be realised in a wide range of granular media filtration processes, including: surface and ground drinking water treatment, sewage treatment, industrial and petro-chemical applications. Numerous filtration facilities in Europe, Asia and North America are currently using EGL Puracite™ filter anthracite.

Replacing existing filter anthracite with EGL Puracite™ can:

  • Produce longer filter runs
  • Reduce headloss
  • Provide greater solids holding capacity

Puracite filter anthracite is carefully selected for its:

  • Consistency - 100% Welsh anthracite
  • Inertness
  • Filtration characteristics
  • Backwash characteristics
  • Retention of particle shape


Puracite is approved for use in U.S.A. & Canada to:

N.S.F. Standard 61 – Process Media Drinking Water System Components.

Conforming to ANSI/AWWA B100 Standards.

Produced in the UK to EN12909:2012 standards.

EGL Puracite Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company.


Stocks of standard sizes maintained for immediate despatch & delivery to any global destination (1 – 1,000+ tonnes).
(Available as 1.3 tonne super sacks / 1.0 tonne container sacks / 25kg polythene bags, palletised, shrink wrapped and strapped).