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Saefty Information

Safety Information




Coal, Anthracite, Anthracite Filter media

Intended uses

Filter Media, Potable Water Treatment, Carbon Additive, Re-carburiser, Brick Colourant.


Dried Graded Anthracite Comprising :- Fixed Carbon, Moisture, Ash, Volatile, Trace Sulphur.

Typical Chemical Analysis

Fixed Carbon >90%
Volatile Matter c7.0%
Ash Content 4%
Sulphur <0.90%

Hazard Identification

Classification: Non Hazardous
Potential Health Hazard : This product is inert and low level exposure is not regarded as being hazardous to health. Occupational Exposure Standard [OES] 8 hour time weighted average for respirable dust = 2mg/m3 [EH 40/98]. May cause irritation to eyes.

First Aid Measures

Eyes : Irrigate thoroughly with water; if discomfort persists seek medical attention.
Lungs : Remove from exposure.
Skin : Wash off thoroughly with soap and water.
Mouth : Wash out mouth thoroughly with water.

Fire Hazard

No Fire hazard when stored at ambient temperatures. Fire risk increases when the material is heated. Produces carbon monoxide when burnt in restricted supply of oxygen.

Fire Fighting

Use water or foam to fight fire. However, do not attempt to use water in enclosed spaces as further flammable gasses may be generated.

Accidental Release Spillage

No hazard or contamination of water courses other than slight temporary discolouration.
Disposal Considerations : Sweep up spillage.

Handling and Storage

  • Handle packaging with care, do not use sharp hooks to lift bags, always lift Bulk Bags using lifting loops in a safe manner with suitable equipment.
  • Store away from oxidizing agents.
  • Storage should be away from direct sunlight and kept dry under cover.
  • The material has an unlimited shelf life and does not deteriorate if stored dry.
  • If allowed to become wet, the product will not flow readily from storage bag.

Exposure Controls/Personal Protection

Maintain adequate ventilation, especially in confined areas. When handling wear dust particulate respirators – FFP1 EN149:2001, sturdy gloves, safety glasses/goggles, protective workwear and safety footwear.

Physical Charecteristics

Appearance : Black, Shiny, Granular.
Nominal Sizing : Between 0.5mm - 63mm (according to Grade/Size).
Bulk Density : 650-700 kg/m3
Solubility in Water : Wash out mouth thoroughly with water.

Stability and Reactivity

Stable under normal conditions, avoid excessive heat and flames. No reaction with water. Avoid contact with oxidising agents.

Toxicological Information

No known toxicological effects from this product.

Ecological Information

This product has no known eco-toxicological effects

Disposal Consideration

There are no specific disposal instructions for this product, non hazardous inert mineral.


No hazard labeling required.
Shipping description : Granular Anthracite.
Shipping name : Puracite.

Regularity Information

This product conforms to BS:EN12909:1999 for drinking water treatment.

Other Information

Ensure all national/local regulations are observed.

The information on this data sheet is based on current knowledge and experience and customers should ensure that the product is entirely suitable for their own purposes.

There are no known health hazards.

Prepared by EGL Puracite Ltd.

This Safety Data Sheet has been established in accordance with the applicable European Directives.

Details given are believed to be correct at the time of printing. Whilst proper care has been taken in the preparation of this document, no liability for injury or damage resulting from its use can be accepted.

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